See below for incredible stories of God's power at work and the glory of Jesus Christ being displayed as Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh travel across the nations to win souls and equip the saints.  Visit the Testimonies Archive for past testimonies you may have missed.


Knee Healed in Katy, TX

Guy Peh had a word of someone with a knee issue.  That was me!  I said, “That’s mine” in faith.  I always wore a knee brace at work, I don’t wear it anymore!  I didn’t go down on that knee because it hurt.  I now can without hurting.  I’m thanking God. Mark Drake


Prophetic Word Fulfilled 

In January at The Lord's Church in Sacramento you both prophesied over me that this year would be a year of acceleration. At the time I was homeless, without a car and no job. By January 25 I received my school bus driver's license, by March I had a car and by April I moved into my own apartment. As of today I am training to be a CPR Instructor, School Bus Driver Instructor and was promoted to the Director of our Sacramento Campus. Plus my car is paid off already. God gets all the glory. I couldn't wait to let you both know. Lawana Dalton


Miracle of hair growth and healing of psoriasis - The Netherlands

There was a lady that had psoriasis on the back of her head and lost all her hair on the back of her head because of the psoriasis. She testified that while I was praying for the sick she felt a burning sensation on the back of her head, when she touched the back of her hair all the psoriasis was gone and her hair grew back instantly miraculously by more than an inch. Glory! 


Prostate Healed in Hong Kong

A man with a severe prostate problem was also healed during the banquet. Every 2 hours he had to use the bathroom. The day after he received prayer at the banquet, he went to work without going to the bathroom for 8 hours. For the first time in a very long time he slept through the night. His prostate was completely healed.


Long Distance Healing - Hong Kong

Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia 2007 heard about the miracles that were taking place in our meetings. She decided to attend the FGBMF banquet. She came for prayer for her sister in law who was very sick in ICU at the hospital. She stood in proxy for her sister as we prayed for her. The next day her sister was dismissed from the hospital completely healed by the power of God. Two days later she came to testify about her sister in law’s healing at one of our meetings at another church. It was so amazing to see that Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia – a person that is known everywhere in Hong Kong and Asia - came to testify and give God the glory.