A child dies of a water-related illness every 15 seconds, in a world of unprecedented wealth; almost 2 million children die each year due to a lack of clean water. You can change the life of a child, his family and an entire village with $1700. Build a water well! Make the difference!



A letter from a pastor working in a village where we built a water well:

Dear Guy and Ilke

May the grace and the peace of our Lord Jesus be with you and grant you His blessings.

This letter is to thank you for the money for the well that you send. In the region where I work many villages are in need of water wells. They are in the Sahel region and the climate is very, very dry. Because of that a lot of women are walking for miles to look for water. The money I received is been used to help built a water well and will facilitate the ladies and the children. Lack of water hinders woman and children from other work they have to do. And especially with this well with clean waterthey will have water to drinkthat will prevent many sicknesses. The existing wells are very dirty and because of that many children get sick. The well is really a blessing because ladies had to walk 2 miles to go get water. The village where the well is built has a population between 700 – 800 people. This will remove a lot of burdens from the people in the village. The money came on a very good moment. When we will finish digging the well I will send you some other pictures as prove. I assure you that the money will be well used and we will send you the receipts. Thanks a lot for the act of love that you have done, again we say thanks. 

May the grace of God be with you. Many blessings. Thanks a lot.         

Brother A. Warisi